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Wright County lies in East Central Minnesota, bordered on the north by the Mississippi River and the east by the Crow River.  Due to its proximity to the Twin cities Metropolitan Area, this County is one of the fastest growing in the state.

Farmland, rivers and lakes characterize the landscape of Wright County. The County was established in 1855, and named, after much debate, for New York politician Silas Wright, a former U.S. senator. Pioneers from all over Europe, with a majority coming from Germany and Sweden, settled in what was then the Big Woods - large stands of oaks, elms and basswood - to make their living from the land.

Buffalo was established as the County seat in 1873 and is the County's largest City with a population of 10,097. Seventeen cities and 18 townships exist in the county, which has a total estimated population of 89,986. Population is estimated to have increased by 31% in the last ten years, since the 1990 census counted a population of 68,770

Cities in Wright County

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