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Lakeville, Minnesota. Lakeville is a great place to grow a business and serve your market! Lakeville is a well-managed, growing community offering business owners excellent competitive value. As the Southern Gateway to the metro area, Lakeville offers a strategic location, established infrastructure, abundant land at very competitive prices, major transportation systems, a large and growing labor pool enriched by a superior school system, and a safe, quality environment.

County: Dakota


Region: East Twin Cities Metro
Distance from Minneapolis: 20
Distance from nearest MSA*: 0 Miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA
US Congressional District: 2
MN Legislative District(s): 36A36B ..
Web site: www.ci.lakeville.mn.us
Last Updated: 9/6/2002
Area 2001 Estimate 2000 Census 1990 Census
Community: 44,751 43,128 24,854
County: 363,866 355,904 275,189
Nearest MSA: 2,912,933 2,968,806 2,538,776
Minnesota: 4,972,294 4,919,479 4,375,099
Source: U.S. Census, State Demographer * Metropolitan Statistical Area



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