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Maple Grove is one of the state's fastest growing and dynamic cities. Strong City management and excellent location has allowed high quality residential, commercial and industrial growth to take place. Portions of the City still have a unique rural flavor and the City has an exceptional parks and recreation program with over 40 developed parks. Maple Grove is truly one of Minnesota's most exciting cities.

County: Hennepin


Region: West Twin Cities Metro
Distance from Minneapolis: 20
Distance from nearest MSA*: 0 Miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA
US Congressional District: 3
MN Legislative District(s): 32A32B ..
Area 2001 Estimate 2000 Census 1990 Census
Community: 52,350 50,365 38,868
County: 1,114,977 1,116,200 1,032,431
Nearest MSA: 2,912,933 2,968,806 2,538,776
Minnesota: 4,972,294 4,919,479 4,375,099
Source: U.S. Census, State Demographer * Metropolitan Statistical Area




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