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St. Louis Park is an established community of 10.8 square miles. In a little more than 115 years, it’s grown from a village of 45 families to a community of 44,126 residents. Residential areas comprise the largest portion of the community. St. Louis Park offers a full range of housing — starter homes valued at $120,000 to executive homes selling for more than $600,000. The average value of a home in St. Louis Park is $166,300.

St. Louis Park’s apartment buildings offer a range of rental options: affordable to upscale. Smaller buildings with three to 15 units comprise about half of the community’s apartment buildings. Larger buildings with 16 to 100 or more units comprise the remainder of St. Louis Park’s multi-family housing stock.

Our community is home to retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities, family-owned businesses, corporations, and churches and synagogues. St. Louis Park has a sound economic base with commercial, industrial and apartment development comprising more than 60 percent of the tax base. Commercial uses comprise 13.8 percent of the community’s land area.

St. Louis Park has 51 parks to enjoy (11.5 percent of St. Louis Park’s land is set aside for parks). Bike trails link St. Louis Park to downtown Minneapolis, the Uptown area, Hopkins and Chaska. Residents of all ages can participate in year-round recreational and educational activities offered by the city and school district.

One of St. Louis Park’s strengths is our nationally recognized school system. Unlike many other suburbs, our children can attend school within our community from preschool through high school. St. Louis Park also has nine private schools serving a variety of interests.

Our residents speak highly of the community. In a random opinion survey conducted in 2000, 95 percent reported that they would recommend St. Louis Park to other people, and 95 percent said they feel welcomed in the community. To learn more, click on Reports and Forms.





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