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Dakota County is the third most populous county in Minnesota, with an estimated population of 370,098 in 2002. Most of the population is concentrated in the northern one-third of the County (suburbs of the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metropolitan Area), while the southern two-thirds of the County remain largely rural.


During the last decade, the State of Minnesota grew 12.4%, from 4,375,099 people to 4,919,479. The seven-county metropolitan area grew at a faster rate (15.4%) over the same period, demonstrating a continued shift from greater Minnesota to the metropolitan area -- including Dakota County. The metropolitan area population rose from 2,288,721 in 1990 to 2,642,056 in 2000, an addition of 353,335 people -- or just less than a city the size of Minneapolis -- over the decade. The metropolitan area now makes up 53.7% of the state’s population, up from 52.3% in 1990.

Quick Facts About Dakota County

Population (2003 Estimate):                   374,000
Population (2000):                                 355,904
Population (1990):                                 275,227
Population Increase (1990-2000):            29.3%
Population Density (2000)                      618 people per square mile
Median Age (2000):                               33.7 years
Racial and Ethnic Diversity (2000):
          White:                                        91.4%
          Black/African American:               2.3%
          Asian                                          2.9%
          American Indian                           0.4%
          Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity:             2.9%       
Average Household Income (1999):         $65,000
Per Capita Income (2002 Estimate):        $36,000 
Land Area:                                   576 square miles
Land Use:                                    One-third suburban, two-thirds rural

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