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Apple Valley, Minnesota. Over 40,000 people live in Apple Valley. Since the mid-'60's, over 11,000 homes have been built here and the building continues. Practically every variety of housing is available: single-family homes, apartments, town homes, housing parks, etc.  Apple Valley is located 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul and 15 minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport

Where Cedar Av. crosses County Rd. 42 (two of the main streets in the city), a huge shopping area has been built. Among the stores included are: two supermarkets, Cub and Rainbow; a big Target "Greatland" store; Menard's (hardware, just opening a new store on Co. Rd. 42 about quadruple its former location on Cedar Av.); Frank's Nursery; a Carmike Cineplex of 16 theaters; lots of restaurants and more. For more serious, all-day shopping, the Mall of America is only about 10 or 15 minutes away on Highway 77 (Cedar Av.).

Recreational facilities are extensive: a big community center on Hayes Av. with indoor basketball court and acres of adjacent soccer and baseball fields plus an indoor ice rink; Redwood public outdoor swimming pool; public indoor swimming at several of the middle schools; sports programs for youth and adults in every imaginable sport; several lakes and beaches for fishing, ice-fishing and swimming. There's a lot going on here and in the adjacent cities, like Burnsville, as well.

Apple Valley is home to the Minnesota Zoo, which also features an IMAX theater. There is also Dakota County's Lebanon Hills Regional Park and Valleywood Municipal Golf Course.


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