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Eagan, Minnesota. Eagan was farm country in the 60's and only had about 3,500 souls living there along the Minnesota River, just south of the Twin Cities. The city has been around since Civil War times, founded in 1860. Everything changed with the completion of the big Interstate highways across the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers in the '80's, namely Highways 77, 494 and 35E. When that happened, developers started putting up homes at the rate of about 1,000 a year. Today Eagan is one of the fastest growing Twin Cities' suburbs with a current population of around 57,000.

Average home prices are around $165,000 and average median household income is about $47,000/yr.

Approximately 25% of Eagan is zoned for commercial and industrial installations, mostly in the northern part of the city. Several large corporations have established a headquarters there, including: West Publishing, Cray Research, Northwest Airlines, and there is a huge Coca-Cola bottling plant here, one of the world's largest for Coca-Cola.

Jet noise from the nearby international airport is a concern, mainly in the northern industrial part of Eagan..

Eagan is keeping pace with the growth by establishing more schools, parks and a recreational facility. The library is a nice piece of architecture and the largest in the area.

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