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Bloomington, Minnesota. Tourists from all over the world have visited Bloomington, site of the now famous "Mall of America," largest shopping mall in the United States, all indoors, complete with its own amusement park, restaurants, nightclubs, multiplex cinema, scores of specialty shops (such as shops featuring: seashells, mounted butterflies and exotic insects, Wisconsin cheeses, knives of every description, model trains, educational toys, American art collectibles, Oriental arts and crafts, all leather clothes, alpaca rugs, sports supermarkets to name just a few).

Besides the mall, there are plenty of other commercial and retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, etc. For outdoors and sports enthusiasts, there is a new and very large REI outlet, complete with inside restaurant, also in Bloomington just off Highway 494.

Bloomington is the third most populous city in the Twin Cities' area after Minneapolis and St. Paul with a population of over 87,000. The city has been around since 1858. Building really began in the eastern part of the city, which is today a working-class neighborhood dominated by rambler homes on relatively small lots on neatly laid out grid-like streets. Today there are about 35,000 homes in Bloomington, most of them dating to before the '70's. Average home sale price is around $234,000, with average median household income at about $74,000/yr.

Central Bloomington is different from the eastern part with mostly split-level homes on curving streets, rather than the grid layout. Western Bloomington is the more affluent section of the city, located west of France Av. Bloomington, as a city, is almost completely developed, with very little residential or commercial land left. The city is concentrating on providing more housing for elderly and retired people.

For those renting, nearly a third of Bloomington housing is rentals.

There is also a lot of natural habitat in the city. These include several parks and nature areas, as well as 208 lakes and ponds. Along the Minnesota River are 14 miles of shoreline, as well as the Nine Mile Creek Watershed area. Around Hyland Lake Park Reserve is a beautiful area where many of the more expensive homes are located and which also features a massive "Chutes and Ladders" playground for children, the Hyland Hills Ski Area and Ski School and is also home to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters. This kind of natural terrain makes up about one-quarter of Bloomington.


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