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The Saint Paul/East Metro area is known for the strength, vitality and diversity of its neighborhoods. From the long-established neighborhoods of Saint Paul to the Twin Cities’ fastest growing suburbs, to the ethnic diversity along University Avenue and a revitalized residential downtown, the Saint Paul/East Metro area offers comfortable living to suit any lifestyle.

The Saint Paul/East Metro area is rich in history, natural beauty and charm. The area contains many of the state's historic sites, the state's capitol and the Minnesota History Center. It is an area that has preserved distinctive architecture, cherished nature's beauty and offers a wide range of shopping and dining experiences. For visitors and residents, there's always more to do or see.

The area's cost of living in near the national average with costs for housing and food that are below national average. With housing and food accounting for approximately 40 percent of family expenses, the area is affordable and a bargain given its amenities. Unemployment remains low, below the national average, despite the recession of late 2001. Prospects for job growth remain positive given the diversified economy.

The Cathedral

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
he diocese was established by the Vatican in 1850 (originally Minnesota and the Dakotas), and elevated to archdiocese 38 years later. Now comprising a 12 county area, the Archdiocese has 222 parishes and is home to over 750,000 Catholics (roughly 25% of the population). During the past ten years, 100,000 new members have joined the Archdiocesan Catholic family. Approximately 12,000 infants and 300 adults are baptized annually in Archdiocesan parishes

Mass is celebrated in eight different languages each Sunday within Archdiocesan parishes. Within the area are six Catholic nursing homes, four Catholic hospitals, ten retreat centers, and six monastic communities. Currently, 495 priests, 1,400 religious sisters, brothers, deacons, and thousands of lay personnel and volunteers serve in the parishes and in many other ministries.





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