The Rossmor

500 North Robert Street, St. Paul, MN, 55101
139,000 to 300,000
109 units
600 to 2,500 sf.
The renovation of the Rossmor is part of an exciting revival of Lowertown/North Quadrant that is about a year old and still going strong. Hundreds of new residents are flocking to the neighborhood around the Rossmor because they know a good thing when they see it. Many are attracted by the incredible value, convenience and sheer rarity of actually being able to afford to live downtown. Others are energized by the new life waking the neighborhood up, bringing its history alive without being drowned by it.

Several new businesses, retail stores and restaurants have moved in over the past few months with many others interested as spaces open up. Get in on the action before everyone knows about it.

The Rossmor is located on the edge of Lowertown and the North Quadrant, the first of three new downtown- area urban villages. With the integration of both new construction and rehabilitation of existing warehouse spaces, these new communities offer a variety of unique living and working spaces. For more information on the exciting redevelopment of St. Paul's North Quadrant visit the