Humboldt Lofts

750 2nd Street S., Minneapolis, MN, 55401
375,000 to 2,400,000
36 units
2,700 to 4,000 sf.
Watch Humboldt Lofts Exterior Video
Award-winning Architecture in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis' Historic Mill District. Dramatic floorplans have been created by synthesizing contemporary architecture with historic landmark structures.

The newly-designed Humboldt Annex features breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling windows. The historic Humboldt Mill features charming exposed brick walls and round-arched windows.

The Story Behind the Historic Humboldt Mill . . .
T he original Humboldt Mill was erected on its current site in 1873 but was
destroyed by the “A” Mill explosion in 1878. The new mill, designed by
architects J.T. Noyes and Sons, was rebuilt and operating in an amazing
record time of 6 months.

In its original configuration, the Humboldt Mill was four stories high, with a
one-story “monitor” over three central bays. In 1913 the monitor was
extended to create a full fifth story. The Mill features a symmetrical cream
colored façade along Second Street including round-arch topped windows
arranged in five vertical panels and topped with a bracketed brick cornice.

The Humboldt Flour Company produced Bonanza Flour and Supreme
Flour. The Washburn Crosby Company - later to be known as General
Mills - purchased the mill in 1899, renamed it the “E Mill" and produced its
own product in the Mill for another 12 years.

After the 1930s, as Minneapolis lost its lead in the milling industry, most of
the flour mills shut down one by one. Many buildings were demolished or
simply vacated and left to decay and vandalism.

Fortunately, the Humboldt Mill was designated a National Historic
Landmark in 1983, preventing inevitable demolition. Restoration of the Mill
commenced in 2001 and the first new residents arrived in the Fall of 2003.
Key architectural features have been preserved creating dramatic interior
features for the exclusive loft residences now housed there.