Minneapolis First Time Home Buyer Class, Tips, Seminar MN

Are you a Minnesota first time home buyer looking for purchase a home or property here in 2012? Perhaps you are simply exploring the possibilities of owning your own home and you are curious on your next steps.

Here at The Minnesota Real Estate Team of RE/MAX Advantage Plus, our team offers a free monthly first time home buyer class in Bloomington, MN. At this event, we take the time to go through the entire buying process, from start to end. We cover numberous topics such as:

1. How to know what Realtor to choose?

2. What steps are involved in the preapproval process? Are there programs available here in MN for down payment assistance?

3. How to know what amount to offer on a home and how to be able to determine various mortgage payment amounts based upon your purchase price

4. How should the offer be structured? What are some of the various negotiation tools that you as the buyer have in place and strategies that can help you get your offer accepted?

4. Is there a timeline a buyer should be on when looking to purchase his or her first home?

With our team, we take great pride in working with first time home buyers at their own pace. There is never any rush or pressure when working with a top agent and realtor on our team. In addition, we work hard to provide our clients with all of the tools and resources so he or she can make the most informed decision based upon current market conditions.

Many first time buyers ask: what is our Minneapolis real estate market like right now? It is definitely a sellers market throughout the entire Twin Cities. The number of homes for sale is down considerably from the mid 2000s when inventory was over 35,000 home for sale. Right now, there are about half of that number of properties for sale.

Couple with lower interest rates, buyers are finding more and more competition from other first time home buyers also looking to offer on homes.

Don’t lose hope however! With the counsel of a top agent, you most certainly can find an outstanding property.

As a great first step, we encouarage all first time home buyers here in MN to attend the monthly first time home buyer class in Bloomington. It is free, fun, and informative.

We also have our friends from Waterstone Mortgage present information on all of the various financing options so that as you leave the seminar, you are “armed” with the best information to help you make a great decision on buying your first home.

Please call 952-649-1456 or email Ryan@MnRealEstateTeam.com for more information on this outstanding monthly seminar.

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