Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Tips

Today, we would like to offer some great first time home buyer tips for buyers here in Minnesota.

1.  Be sure to talk to a top loan offer and know what you are preapproved for before you start looking for various properties. As a first time buyer, this will save you time and allow you to know exactly what price of home you can afford.

2. Attend a first time home buyer seminar and get as much information about the buying process as you can. With our team, we strongly believe in offering free montly first time buyer classses here in MN.  Each month, the seminar is in Bloomington. It gives buyers the chance to ask all type of questions regarding the first time home buying process.

3. Plug in with a loan officer and a real estate agent that you like and you trust.  In today’s market, there are a number of various programs that offer down payment assistance. With our team, we work with Waterstone Mortgage. They have a strong focus specifically on first time home buyers and all of the various programs, grants, and down payment assistance that are available.

4. Know your credit score! Find out what your score is and what you can do to concretely improve it! Credit scores are king in this market.

5. Get to understand the $8000 tax credit! Remember that this expires as of the end of November 30th.

These are just a few tips to share with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to attend our free monthly First Time Homebuyer Seminar here in MN.  Our forum is very laid back, and we give you a chance to air all of your questions.

For more info on this event in Bloomington, email Request@MnRealEstateTeam.com or call 952-223-1150.

Here’s to you during this exciting time of looking for your first home!

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