Minneapolis Loft and Condo Living

Have you ever considered the idea of living in a condo or a loft in downtown Minneapolis? I know often times my wife and I have mentioned how much we would like living downtown. It may seem obvious to some, but in today’s blog post, I wanted to take a look at some of the positives and negatives that may be associated with downtown loft and condo living.


On a positive side, most of the lofts and condos in Minneapolis are certainly updated and trendy. We’re talking new fixtures, top of the line appliances, newer countertops. Really overall, you are looking a property with a lot of “new” and trendy. Compared to that 1950s rambler in Golden Valley you are living in, you are probably dealing with less maintenance with your loft.  In addition, there is the night life aspect. Perhaps you and your significant other enjoy heading downtown to listen to the Minnesota Orchestra? Maybe you like going over to the Fine Line Café to listen to the latest band here in the Twin Cities? Imagine how convenient it would be to have short five minute drive over to that entertainment or sporting event.


Within each of these outstanding buildings, you will find various amenities. The joys of having your own workout room or club right in your building! No more bundling up and driving a few miles over to the health club!!


On the other hand, parking may be an issue. Most of the various buildings in and around the city have parking within, but be sure to know how many parking spaces are offered with the property you may be looking to purchase. More often than not, it does clearly list how many spaces are included on the MLS.  In addition, forget taking your pooch right outside into your backyard at your nice rambler out in Bloomington.  Many buildings do in fact accept pets, however realize it could be a hike just to take Spot outside.


And of course there are the association fees with a condo. As a real estate buyer in today’s market, be sure you know what your association fee includes and what it does not include.


In conclusion, there is certainly no “one size fits all” when it comes to this type of decision. But right now, if you like what this lifestyle does in fact offer, there are a number of outstanding lofts, condos for sale in Minneapolis for buyers to choose from!

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