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Richfield is another of the so-called "first ring" Minneapolis suburbs that grew together with the downtown area. In the 40's Richfield was mainly farmland for vegetable growing and dairy and beef cattle. Today it's almost completely developed with 16,000 homes, about half of them built during the post-war '50's. So it has a largely 1950's look with the grid-like, tree-lined streets. Richfield is conveniently located just five miles south of downtown Minneapolis.

About 6% of the city is commercial/industrial. Then there are 24 parks, a 149-acre nature preserve called the Wood Lake Nature Center with walking paths and an interpretive center, as well as a community center.

For renters, there are more than 5,000 condos, apartments and rental homes. Average home prices are around $100,000 and median household income is around $46,000/yr. Since the community is adjacent to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, aircraft noise can be a factor. About 4,500 homes are eligible for a sound-insulation program administered by the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

There are 20 churches in the area. Recreational facilities also include an 18-hole and a nine-hole golf course, and also an ice arena and a swimming pool.

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