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Here is the Twin Cities' second largest suburb (after Bloomington) at over 60,000 population (that's up from about 15,000 in 1960). Founded close to 150 years ago as Coon Creek Rapids, the city was, like most of Minnesota in those days, a farming community. The break-out event for industry in old Coon Creek was a brickyard. The founder of that brickyard, "The Clay Hole," would be downright amazed to see the big industrial park and all the office space that has sprung up along what is now Coon Rapids Blvd.

Even though Coon Rapids is in the big leagues now, the locals let you know they still treasure that home-town feel. One of the major law firms in the city, for example, likes to advertise itself as a downtown law firm (i.e. just as high-powered) with that small town neighborliness. And that's pretty much how you'll find Coon Rapids if you visit, do business or live there.

Other amenities in city include: a community college, a city ice rink, three swimming pools (one of them outdoors with a wave pool attached). Mercy Hospital and the school district are the big employers here. Shopping appetites can be satisfied at the large mall and surrounding stores in adjacent Spring Lake Park.

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